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Some answers to the questions that you may be interested in:

What are the main advantages of being a member of the Residence Club?

  • Club membership has both practical and financial advantages. It will increase your vacation flexibility as well as give you a chance to enjoy your leisure on a place which you consider home.

How can I become a member of the Residence Club?

  • You gain a membership card simply by staying at any place in the Residence Club network. For more detailed information, contact us at:

What is Timeshare?

What happens if I don’t have time to use the apartment during the year?

  • Your time in the apartment is tradable, which means you can rent it or just give it a friend.

How can I book my vacation?

  • You can do this on-line, by telephone or by fax. All orders are handled on the principle of “First come, first served“.

Can I extend my stay?

  • Yes, you can, provided the apartment is free for the required period.

What should I do if I know I am going to be late for my vacation?

  • Call the reception, tell them you will be late and inform them about the time of your arrival.