Fun for the family

The surroundings of Donovaly are an ideal place for active recreation for the whole family.

The beautiful landscape represents an inexhaustible source of summer and winter activities in the heart of Slovakia.

Cool down in the summer heat; warm up in the cold of winter

In summer you should take the chairlift up to Nová hoľa and enjoy the magnificent views of the Low Tatras and Veľká (Big) Fatra. We also recommend you the visit to one of the nearby open-air museums at Vlkolínec, Špania Dolina or Staré Hory, where you can get a sense of the country’s cultural heritage and feel firsthand what life in Slovakia was like in the past. If you want to find a cool place in the summer heat, you should visit the Harmanecká cave, where even on the hottest days the temperature is always around six degrees and you will be amazed by its natural limestone formations.


Discover Banská Bystrica

All visitors to the region should see the beautiful town of Banská Bystrica, which lies less than 25 kilometres away. With its historical architecture and lively atmosphere, it is one of the most attractive towns in the country. In addition to interesting museums and monuments, Banská Bystrica also boasts modern shopping centres and a multiplex cinema.


Summer activities


Donovaly has a number of marked hiking trails suitable for both experienced and recreational hikers.


Cyclotourism is today a firm favourite amongst activities for holidaymakers here in Donovaly. Both difficult and easy cycling trials begin right outside your apartment building.

Fun aréna

The biggest attraction at the Fun Arena is the toboggan run, which is almost 900m in length. The arena also has a 21-metre climbing wall, a rope centre, a bungee trampoline and an 8-point trampoline. For very small children there is a very safe children’s rope centre as well as a selection of inflatable slides.


For the most intrepid visitors we offer a chance to try a free fall in a parachute. If you are interested you can also try a tandem jump, or attend a course for a few days and learn how to fly.

Motorové štvorkolky

Another adrenalin-rich activity full of fun and entertainment. Try either the motocross circuit or the obstacle course – on your off-road quad-bike you should be able to manage them both.

Paintball safari

Fire from a paintball gun at targets while driving past in an off-road vehicle. You will enjoy it so much you’ll have the feeling you are on a real safari.

Air Ball

Enjoy the maximum adrenalin of an Air Ball as you career downhill at a speed of 30 km an hour. Let nature take over and revel in the amazing feeling of freedom the experience brings.


Fire at the target with sports, hunting or historical bows or crossbows.

Bowling centrum

Evening entertainment awaits at the attractive bowling centre where as well as four bowling alleys, you will find a pool table, golf machine, laser shooting range, darts, air hockey and table football.


Winter activities


What would winter be like without downhill skiing? At Donovaly we know exactly what skiers need, and so we offer more than 11 kilometres of well tended downhill pistes, 14 standard ski-lifts and two chairlifts. Its high standard of services and excellent skiing conditions make Donovaly one of the best ski resorts in Slovakia.

If you should feel like a change of scene, there are many other ski centres in the area, the popular ski resort of Chopok Jasná being just one of them.


Quick and comfortable – these are the best words to describe the lifts in Donovaly. The most interesting are the Nová hoľa 6-seater chairlift combined with eight-person TELEMIX cable car and the 4-seater Buly Expres Záhradište. The transporting capacity of all the lifts is 14,100 skiers an hour.

Nočné lyžovanie

If skiing during the day is not enough for you, you can continue after dinner with a few hours night skiing, a magical experience which will live with you for years.


For both your children and the eternal child in all of us, there are great sledging facilities here in Donovaly. The resort has a special sledging slope where you can slide downhill without fear of any skiers getting in your way.


The Snow Park Riderspark is on the Záhradište downhill slope beneath the chairlift. With its jumps and chutes it is a great place for more adventurous skiers and snowboarders to try out their skills.


To have a bird’s-eye view of snow-covered Donovaly is an experience that will live with you forever. Either alone or in tandem, enjoy the sharp winter air and the indescribable peace of being high up above the ground.

Psie záprahy

A lone person, dogs and the beauty of the wilds. Imbibe the spirit of the past and discover the adventurous life of the dog drivers. You can either take part yourself or cheer on your favourite dog as a spectator.

Bowling centrum

The only paintball ground in Slovakia opened all year round. Winter paintball is a game which tests not only your reactions and physical prowess but also your tactical thinking.


An adrenalin-filled ride down the toboggan runs on a polyurethane board with inflatable base and skis. Discover the racer in you as you career down the slope at top speed.


Take one of these wheels and take it down the toboggan run for some memorable moments. Don’t even think what direction you are going in, just get in the tube and let it take you just where it wants!


Put on some snowshoes and head out for a hike through the deep snow. Use the snowshoes as a special means of transport to help you reach free ride places which would otherwise be inaccessible.

Pásové štvorkolky

Fit a belt on the wheels of your quad bike and try it out in the deep snow. Choose your own route or follow the marked circuit.

Bowling centrum

Take a ride in one of our special sledges and shoot at the targets. You will soon realize how difficult it sometimes is to hunt for your dinner in the winter