The Residence Club is located in beautiful surroundings at the junction of the Low Tatras, the Veľká (Big) Fatra and the Starohorské Hills – in the mountain village of Donovaly. An ideal place for the whole family to relax in, you will love the spectacular landscape and find endless energy for all kinds of summer and winter activities. The high quality services offered here give you plenty of opportunities for spending your holiday in the heart of Slovakia in a pleasant and enjoyable way.

Discover the surrounding country in winter and summer

Both in summer and winter you can take the chairlift up to Nová hoľa and enjoy magnificent views of the Low Tatras and Veľká (Big) Fatra. When the weather is fine, you can also see the Western Tatras and Kriváň. We also recommend you to visit one of the nearby open-air museums at Vlkolínec, Špania Dolina or Staré Hory, where you can get a sense of the country’s cultural heritage and feel firsthand what life in Slovakia was like in the past. If you want to find a cool place in the summer heat, you should visit the Harmanecká cave, where even on the hottest days the temperature is always around six degrees and you will be amazed by the cave’s natural limestone formations. In winter, Donovaly offers excellent conditions for downhill skiing, snowboarding, cross-country skiing and other snow sports.

The surrounding area is rich in thermal springs. Visit one of the water recreation centres in Bešeňová, Sliač or Tatralandia for a day of pure refreshment.

If you enjoy life on the greens, you should definitely visit the golf course in Tále, which lies only 25 kilometres away. Test your skills on this professional 18-hole course deep in the breathtaking scenery of the Low Tatras.

Savour some culinary specialities

No holiday experience in Slovakia will be complete without sampling some of the local culinary specialities. Donovaly has a number of restaurants offering delicious traditional Slovak cuisine.

Banská Bystrica – the town in the very heart of Slovakia


All visitors to the region should see the beautiful historical town of Banská Bystrica, which lies less than 25 kilometres away and became one of the first towns in Slovakia to have its centre declared a historical urban reservation. It has several remarkable buildings, including the town castle, or barbican complex, the square, with its churches of the Virgin Mary and the Holy Cross, the old town-hall, the Matej´s house, the barbican itself and the remains of the town’s medieval fortifications. In the very centre of the town, one can see the impressive Square of the Slovak National Uprising, with its Marian column and leaning clock tower. Banská Bystrica also boasts a wealth of historical houses with typical urban architecture of the Renaissance and Baroque, as well as several museums including the SNP (Slovak National Uprising) Museum, the State Gallery of Banská Bystrica, and the Central Slovak Museum. Throughout the year there are held many concerts (both pop and classical music) and various other live performances.

In addition to cultural events, Banská Bystrica also offers modern shopping centres, clubs and cinemas.

Donovaly – the heart of Slovakia in the heart of Europe.